Partenamut, the Belgian insurance, charged Happiness Brussels, a Belgian advertising agency, to create their campaign for 2018-2019. For this campaign, the client wanted a singular look and a well directed 30-second TV spot. Happinness Brussels contacted us and there began our journey.

Our character designer Andres sat on a table with the artistic director and the project manager. Based on the client brief, the ideas emerged and sketches were quickly drawn. Andres then went back to his desk, put his headphones with sweet music (or maybe mystical enchantments?!), opened his sketchbook and started drawing our hero : Maxime MilleBobos (English translation : Maxime-with-1000-BooBoos). The next day in the afternoon, a few possible main characters were sent to the agency and the client. They elected their favorites and the definitive character design work started from there.


Fast-forward to a few weeks later. The definitive character designs were approved in various poses and at various ages – later used for the print campaign. At this point entered the character modeler, Maxime, not the Maxime from the advertising though. That’s when our main character went from a drawing in 2D to a 3D model – no colours nor textures yet.

Once the props and the rest of the characters were modeled and textured, the animation process began and went from a rough layout to a clean animation in approximately 12 days. On top of that, we of course added some light, some FX, some comp. And voilà !​​​​​​​
Agency : Happiness Brussels
Project Manager : Valentin Grégoire
Artistic Director : Christopher "Baldo" Cittadini
Director : Christopher "Baldo" Cittadini
Technical Director : Alexandre Toufaili
Script Technician : Simon Legrand
Character Designer : Andres Hertsens
Texture Artist : Andres Hertsens
3D Modeler : Maxime Schyns
Animator : Eddy Martinez
Compositing : Christopher "Baldo" Cittadini
Lighting & Rendering Artist : Aurélien Geenen
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